Monday, 25 March 2013

Thoughts on Smiley Face


  1. Hahahahahaha that part at 18:45~ was fucking great. It's my first time seeing these videos and they're really great. Going to see lots of them.

  2. One of the only reviews that you've done that I completely disagree with. Watching this movie stoned is a complete downer. I don't really like movies that portray being stoned, with a few exceptions, but this film is not one of them. I'd prefer to watch a quality film than an ok film that kind of rubs the fact that stoners do stupid shit in my stoned face. I watched it sober too. Even then it was awkward and not very enjoyable. Just my opinion. Also Snatch is a great film to watch while baked... so is Catch Me If You Can for some reason. And Fargo... hehe, Fargo's great. What was I talking about?

  3. u best be joking nigga, because holy shit this movie sucks my balls
    i am sure that bitch has never been high 4real


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