Monday, 25 March 2013

YMS: In Time


  1. what if you got hit by a car? would you still be alive? i mean you would still have time left on your wrist? would you just get like 4 years taken off? and that raises another question. are there hospitals in this world? i mean would they just plug you into an alarm clock or something? would they give you time? would that mean that in a country without medical insurance you could just break your leg, go to the hospital and get free time? if you got cancer would that speed up the process? EXPLAIN MOVIE! EXPLAIN!

    1. Their time just freezes, same as the guy that got shot.

  2. I feel the whole movie was made just so that guy could say "Don't waste my time" as he lent her time -.-

  3. Dat trendy gangster.


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