Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thoughts on The Silent Hill Movies


  1. Agreed. Revelations was absolute shit, but I don't believe you're giving the first one enough credit. It was very good, a score like that makes it seem mediocre.

  2. You're not familliar with his scale then. A 6 by YMS standards is a recommendation if it's something that otherwise interests you, and to break that it needs to be a genuinely great movie that he can recommend you watch.

  3. Sorry dude , butSilent hill 3 sucked donkey balls .
    One of the first parts of the game has a thin-wristed teenager finding Uzi's at the mall
    and then proceeding to fire them accurately into the enemies , while also dualwielding them i think.
    Oh , and the explanation for it is that it is because she is a strong female ,
    which of course must also mean she must act like a bitch.

  4. YourMovieSucksDOTorg4 January 2014 at 12:20

    Umm... I'm pretty sure you can only unlock that option if you beat the game once. I don't know what kind of playthrough you watched, but it's not what I played.

  5. just going by memory really , from when i played it not long after european release , maybe it wasnt even an uzi ,
    but regular 9mm or something ,
    but the thing was that i fully expected them to not only miss
    but break her wrist or somesuch.
    The first 2 protagonists where average joes who were totally helpless against the monsters in the game and had to fire basically
    point-blank , since guess what despite thicker wrists than supergirl,
    they as dads did not have much pistol training , now did they?

  6. You've to be a troll

  7. now why would i be a troll by stating facts about what made the horror aspect of 1 and 2 a bit better?
    Resident evil is a different kind of game than silent hill ,
    not a really pure horror , where i could forgive such a missed opportunity , not with the silent hil series where the expectations of sheer terror are a bit higher .

  8. Why, oh Why is pyramid head in these movies when he was a manifestation of James Sunderland's guilt and james isnt in these movies?

  9. jon snow and ned stark
    sucked so much in this movie

  10. Fucking Jump Scares? Godamn it... that ruins anything in existance...

    The Cheapness of getting you off-guard in a clichê moment is so uncreative and talentless... is so disgusting that it could lead me to kill someone... -_-

  11. ???? You realize to program a video game where the weapons were useless would be completely idiotic right? Imagine you had 'realistic' weapon jams in a Call of DFuty game, or fuck if you got shot and just died. EVERY game would be 5 seconds long.

    For example, here's your realistic Silent Hill 3:

    "Oh no monster dogs!"

    (Fire two shots, the recoil causes both to miss)


    Game Over.

    Now repeat this until you don't wanna play anymore.

  12. Because people connect with branding and mascots and not thematic similarity. This is because most are either dopes or will forget any thematic presence in a movie before it's over unless they are fond of movies in general. Creating a recognizable character makes them go, "Oh, I know dat guy," is almost always the faster way to get your brand recognized. It's why James Bond has aged 10 years in like 50, making movies of thematic similarity is a lot more difficult than just reusing the same characters/general plot for 20 films.

  13. BlazingOwnager5 May 2015 at 10:14

    Silent Hill: Shattered Dreams, no weapons
    Amensia: Dark Descent, no weapons

    I could fill a page with horror games that have no weapons. And if any game is going to have jams, it should be a horror game.


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