Friday, 28 March 2014

Quickie: Noah


  1. Interesting slice.

  2. Great work.
    Love your videos.

  3. aw man im disappointed, loved most of aronofsky's work, the fountain and the wrestler in particular. Well ill just pretend he didnt make this than.

  4. I wanted to comment that I think the point (which was a bit muddled, yeah) wasn't to create a completely logical world, but instead to create a world that was completely against Noah's interest, following God's will. It wasn't about God making the choice to end humanity, because in the movie universe, God could have just ended everything, like you said. He gave Noah the warning because it was up to a human to let humanity end. By giving Noah all of these insanely difficult decisions (killing his grandchildren, etc), it was trying to nod to the dichotomy of "Should the individual (Noah) be the one to bear all of the wickedness and pain by killing his grandkids but also knowing, at the same time, that he's ending all of human pain and suffering (which would be better in the long term)?" or "Should the individual (Noah) let all of humanity fall into the same throes as before and fall into another hellish state where evil undoubtedly will exist again on a grand scale (where his personal pain would be less immediate but his descendants will be the bearers of arguably more pain and suffering)?" The choice was clear that he should have ended humanity and the dialogue at the end with Hermione didn't negate that; to me it strengthened the fact that he should have killed the children and Hermione, and it was extremely clear that he was disappointed even when he did that weird snake ritual thing at the end with the babies and shit. Hermoine kind of represented the childishness of human hope and I'm pretty sure that's what Aronofsky was going for.

    Honestly, I think the movie was alluding to Noah being in Hell, because either decision had terrible consequences for him. But that's just a personal view. I don't know.

    You can say what you will about the entertainment value of the movie, but to me the message of the story was made clear.

  5. Why is this video just the trailer on repeat?

  6. YourMovieSucksDOTorg5 April 2014 at 13:54

    Because studios don't give me digital copies of their movies and it's still in theatres.


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