Tuesday, 6 May 2014

YMS: Nymphomaniac


  1. Andrew Mowbray6 May 2014 at 12:38

    When the commercial came on, I seriously thought it was a part of Nymphomaniac for about 5 seconds...

  2. The character of Seligman was not an exposition device, telling you how you should interpret every scene. Seligman was a thick parody of the typical academic intellectual, who has lost all connection with the sensual/empirical side of existence and can now only contextualize every single experience to his vast amount of fairly useless knowledge about cultural history. This is contrasted neatly with Joe's matter-of-factness. Joe has a shitton of life experience but next to no academic knowledge, the exact opposite of Seligman.

    The scenes in which Seligman's academic ramblings are illustrating are gimmicks, sure, but they are also incredibly beautiful and funny. Nymphomaniac is a comedy, in which LVT takes the piss out of himself, the intellectual scene and the art house movie business. This can be hard to see, though, because of the neat packaging.

  3. I think the inclusion of Pale Watchers was an excellent choice for that section of the video. I loved Bastion!

  4. Christ, I had no idea this director was such a piece of shit. Bullshit Nazi apologism at a convention, speaking through a character to express sympathy for pedophiles, and speaking through a character to provide thinly-veiled rhetoric in defense of bigoted language. There's no way he was talking about how we shouldn't remove words like 'fuck' and 'damn' from the public discourse, he was almost certainly arguing that the poor beleaguered white peeps shouldn't be held accountable for their choice to use prejudiced slurs. That scene did a better job of keeping me from seeing this movie than the entire rest of the review did. Fuck that guy.

  5. Also some probable asexual erasure at the end there, and then a racist joke by our reviewer.

  6. He made good points, though. I'm sorry you're brainwashed by american nicities. Not all pedophiles are child-molesters, and not all child-molesters are pedophiles. Yet it has become so extremely commonplace to just gush out blind hate when the word "pedophile" comes up, just saying this will get you in trouble.

  7. Anybody who says pedophiles deserve sympathy while simultaneously failing to address the enormous international market of child kidnapping, exploitation, sex slavery, and pornography is an ignorant piece of shit. Pedophiles aren't the victims, the millions of children whose lives are ruined because of pedophiles are. Child molestation isn't a rare thing, you know. It's dangerous to diminish the severity of these issues. It has nothing to do with 'American niceties'.

  8. Chris Sunshine Campbell7 May 2014 at 09:55

    I think there was also the established "This is a children's story" aspect of the narrative. She drinks from the oversized cup, the contest on the train is for a bag of candy. And sure, there was also the implicit mastrubatory overtones. I think that this film(s) is an example of Lars Von Trier being too self aware for his own good. HUE HUE ART.

  9. Whoops. You are too stupid to think my logic through, so let me take you through it step by step. I said that

    1. LVT (through his character of Joe) made som good points about pedophiles.

    2. Joe said that pedophiles who live a life of having these fucked up urges and not living them out deserve a fucking medal.

    It follows that:

    3. I agree with LVT and think that the same kind of people deserve sympathy.

    And now for the big twist (you may want to sit down).

    This means that I do not say patrons of the international market of child kidnapping, exploitation, sex slavery, and pornography deserve sympathy.

    I hope this clears things up and that you learned a thing or two about basic logic and following through. Perhaps you will be a little better at debating in the future :).

  10. Condescension is a 15-year-old's impression of a winning argument. Merely failing to mention the global sexual exploitation of children when expressing sympathy for pedophiles is problematic. It doesn't matter what you think you believe.

    Incidentally, your attempt to redirect the focus of the discussion is unwanted. I don't care about you and what you believe specifically, I care about the harm that can be caused when expressing certain opinions, especially through a medium as public as a movie.


  12. Dude! Is that Bastion soundtrack you're using? Nice.

  13. Dude, I enjoy your reviews. Entertaining me with your pretty good analytical talents. I especially enjoyed your review/analysis of the film 'Enemy'. Currently watching your video review of Nymphomaniac. Just one question; did you have to say colored gentleman rather than simply saying black? I mean seriously... It's the 21st f'n century mate??

  14. I'd really like to know how stating the truth of how most of pedohiles don't fuck kids can cause harm? And for that reason pedophiles that control their (unwanted) urges deserve symphaty. Hell, I'd rather had been raped as a kid than be a pedophile myself. Not an easy life for those poor bastards.

  15. Condescension is indeed a 15 year old's impression of a winning argument, which is why I don't get why you're being so condescending.

    No one here is saying paedophilia is okay. What is being said is that paedophilia is a mental disorder, and people who have this disorder but fight against the urge are doing their best to be good people. These people need help, but the fact that they can't get help is doing harm. It's like if you've got ebola, and you go to the hospital. They refuse to help you because you've got ebola and send you home. You're going to be a biohazard.

    And "It doesn't matter what you think you believe"? Really? So you're some kind of authority on this subject now?
    I'm pretty sure I can speak with more authority than you can. Being a victim myself, I would never condone sexual molestation of children (or anyone really). It's wrong and it's incredibly damaging. But child molesters aren't the spawn of the devil. They weren't born this way. What they have is a mental illness and they need help with that.

    If you ever stop and consider the fact that most child molesters are actually victims of molestation themselves, and that their victims are at a much higher risk for paedophilia themselves, you might actually start to understand something.

    Like I said, I was a victim myself. I've been in therapy for most of my life. I don't find children attractive in the slightest. I find them annoying more often than not. And I don't dream about kids, I don't fantasize. Hell, I'm a MILF man myself. I still worry, precisely because of my past. When a child is on the bus and it wants to play with me or get my attention, the attention I give them is minimal. Not because I'm sitting there thinking "ohh yeah bby shake that Dora the Explorer skirt" but because the entire concept of kids makes me uncomfortable. And as far as I'm aware this is true for many victims of abuse. In any form. Kids who were physically abused are more likely to physically abuse their kids, etc.

    I'm not saying you should get a medal and a parade and a visit from the queen for having these urges and not acting upon them, but you should be able to get help dealing with these urges and maybe overcoming them. If you don't help these people, we'll only get more victims and then the cycle continues.

    Or are you saying that we should burn anyone who has this problem at the stake? Because that certainly wouldn't drive these people even more underground and make them act even more dangerously. No, persecution has always worked out very well.


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