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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review


  1. I thought the exact same thing about the movie, more or less. I thought, "Why are all the problems started by stupid people doing stupid things?"

  2. You seem more upset with hypothetical disagreeing viewers than the actual film here.

  3. Besty O'Neill20 July 2014 at 04:14

    Yeah I'm afraid you're wrong on this on, pretty terrible review of a film that is good even if the script is a bit predictable. Pointing out cliches and tired tropes which any decent critic can do, is not a good form of movie reviewing. You work off the idea that being negative and pointing out cliches is a good way to review a film. You defend yourself way too often in reviews, even though you shouldn't have to since it's your opinion. Maybe next time try analyse the film on it's merits instead of stuff that you find annoying. You've lost me as a viewer of yours after this one and your past few reviews.

    Also who does a three part review of The Host, nobody even watched that film and everyone knows it's a piece of crap without having to watch it.

  4. Besty O'Neill20 July 2014 at 04:40

    For anyone who is basing whether they should go see the movie on this review, should check out these more concise/detailed and better reviews oh and they do them in a much shorter time.

  5. I thought that it was Your Movie Sucks dot org, not Your Movie Rocks dot org!? lol.

    Perhaps you are correct, maybe he does focus on the negatives more than the positives but to do standard reviews is not why I watch him in the first place.

    You prefer Mark Kermode, then that's great, but Mark has been doing movie reviews since I was a kid (quite some time ago) and to me his format is long gone stale.
    Adam however, tends to do his own thing. For which I am grateful for because I not only get to hear/see what he thinks of a film but also his videos can be considered as entertainment too, small reason for that is their in depth length.

    Having just listened to Kermode's review in the link you provided, I have no reason to ever go back again... It's borrrrrrring!

    I have watched YMS' The Walking Dead series many times now, not just for his view on it, but because I am also entertained by them time and again.

    I have yet to see the DotPotA movie, but I am still looking forward to it because the faults that he has listed are minor in comparison to something like The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    Which means I know I will like this movie now, knowing that the faults are just the cliche stuff seen in most Blockbuster films these days anyway. Although they are annoying, it's still not enough to deter me, as I can put up with it if there is a good story behind it all.

    Red Letter Media reviewed this too and to my surprise they were overwhelmingly in favour of it and although I do appreciate those guys work, I feel they should have pointed out something that stood out as being bad, because if I went to see the movie having only their review to go by, then I would likely have felt extremely disappointed, since everyone loved it, but I would just end up noticing the usual Hollywood tropes that YMS has highlighted.

    You are telling him that he defends himself way too much but he shouldn't, as they are his opinions and yet at the same time, you tell him his opinion is wrong?

    Do we really need another reviewer doing the same old schtick as everyone else? I prefer watching and supporting different points of views myself, than watching and re-watching the same, tired, old thing that everyone and their Grandma is already doing.

    Also if he wants to review a film that no one has seen (The Host) and then pick it apart, then surely that is up to him? I applaud it, despite me having never even heard of it before.
    The reasons I like the YMS review of The Host, is simply because no one else has done it in this way.

    You however seem to think he should just do what everyone else is doing, well judging by your comments, that's how it comes across.

    Finally I think if you had any decency you would not go posting another reviewer's review on to the site that you happened to disagree with. That seems kind of a dick move to me.

    But hey, it's the internet right!? >_<

  6. It's opinions, guys. I personally liked Dawn but you've gotta admit, his points were more than fair...

  7. Seriously it's sad how copy and paste Hollywood has become you pretty much hit the nail on the head with taking risks in your movies = less possible money so fuck it let's make the same bland movies over and over again so the simple minded can go ooooohhh pretty 3d ohhhh so cool I think the drones of morons who flock to the transformers movie franchise are literal proof of the amount of intelligence/ taste of nowadays movie audiences and seriously people it's not nitpicking when you criticize something for being bland and unoriginal otherwise what's the point in critics anyway apparently to most people a critic is someone who sucks Hollywood/ the popular opinions dick and regurgitates the same thing on their reviews yeah that's not really a critic that's just someone reaffirming why you should shut up and turn your mind off at the door and buy more of the shit Hollywood shovels down your mouth seriously I imagine most of you people are the same type who would say the thing 2011 is a respectable well made movie that is comparable to the original despite the fact that it pretty much misses everything that made the original so good cgi being the least of those problems the reason I use this example is that is the review of Adams that made me watch in the first place as he was one of the few who seriously saw through what that literal piece of garbage was pretending to be a good movie not to say all movies that are stupid are bad as I watch plenty of b movies but at least they don't pretend to be more than what they are and at least have some originality even today that being said I disliked the opinion on Martyrs as I felt that movie was a piece of shit but hey that's my opinion and last time I checked I thought we were allowed to have opinions and ones outside of the majority too so seriously agree or disagree it's the reviewers opinion just as it's your own as the viewer and realize that their is no wrong opinion and just keep yours whatever you want it to be and don't be mad if you expect someone's to reflect your own to reinforce it as you shouldn't have to have an opinion fed to you like a child think for yourself

  8. You don't know how many times I want to upvote this. It's perfect.

  9. Thanks Dude Its Funny Cause I Tend To Rant A lot When Im Upset Glad To See Someone Else Is Getting It To But After All We Are YMS Fans

  10. I agreed with your comment at first, then it just turned into "I AM SO MUCH BETTER AND SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE BECAUSE OF MY TASTE IN MOVIES LOOK AT ME".

  11. ScottishLassie26 July 2014 at 04:34

    This is a well thought out review, I just joined to say that.
    Good job.

  12. ScottishLassie26 July 2014 at 04:38

    How can he be wrong????? If it's his opinions??????

  13. How do you feel about Rise of the Planet of the Apes? I personally liked that one much more than this one. There was more action in Dawn but Rise had so much more to offer than action. Minus some cheesy moments, I loved Rise. What's your opinion on Rise, Adam?


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