Friday, 22 August 2014

Quickie: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For



    I'm surprised you were even generous enough to give it a 5/10. I'm a big fan of the original and I think this was one of the worst movies of the year.

    Senator Roark had two separate pictures of his son, as the Yellow Bastard, that he looked upon with adoration and lamented his death around. Why the fuck would he have a picture of his son, which he blatantly posed for like a family portrait, after his disfigurement and botched surgery? Wouldn't any normal person have a pre-Hartigan photo?

    Nancy's story was horrifying trash. The exposition was painful. "YOU PROMISED ME YOU WOULD NEVER LEAVE, HARTIGAN, BUT YOU LIED BECAUSE YOU KILLED YOURSELF TO PROTECT ME." I thought I was watching a parody. Nancy then cut her face for basically no reason whatsoever.

    Don't get me started on Marv, who played the exact same role in two separate stories: getting tricked into being a wrecking ball for the protagonist's assault on a heavily guarded compound as a distraction. Nancy who can't bring herself to shoot Roark all the times he comes in is suddenly a crackshot picking off guards with a crossbow from thirty yards. She "has nothing to worry about" with Marv nearby while she's dancing... except when a drunk climbs onstage and grabs her with Marv right there and he does nothing.

    In other words, thank you for reaffirming my negative thoughts about this movie and I like your website very much thank you and good day.

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  3. Ben Terence Smith2 September 2014 at 13:51

    I love all your reviews! I would even go as far to say they are more entertaining than RedLetterMedia and I love those guys! Keep the reviews coming! Mr B


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