Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Thoughts on Sharknado 1&2


  1. Please do lone survivor with Mark Wahlberg I thought it was the best movie I had ever scene but I need to see what im missing lol :P

  2. that movie is retardeddddd.

  3. As somebody who adores these kinds of movies, Sharknado 1 was nothing special, but Sharknado 2 was pretty solid. Too many stupid references, but I can get over that. The blatant product placement was great. Tara Reid as Tara Reid is usually the kiss of death for these movies, but that was kept to a minimum. Some attempts at comedy fell flat, especially early on, but that's personal taste Ultimately I have to throw out any criticisms I have of Sharknado 2 because it may have the best ending to any film ever.

    I love crappy (often Canadian) cheezy sci-fi, so seeing that there is an audience for this shit makes me hopeful that more will get produced. I hope we get a good snake movie, because the last one I saw was crap. If you want to get into the bad canadian sci-fi movies, "High Plains Invaders" is probably the best one I have seen. I actually cared about the main character!

    BTW Avalanche Sharks was made, and it was okay. Better then Sharknado one, worse then two. (It's just Jaws on a ski hill with mystical native american mumbo jumbo) It was a sequel to sand sharks, and sets up the future Mars Sharks. Tara Reid should really know this kinda stuff.

    Sharknado 2 was acceptable as a better Sharknado, but Sharknado 3 has to be something different. Maybe set it 100 years in the future, where Sharknados have become common and wiped out all but a select few humans, and they have to finally stop sharknados for good.Or have them go back in time to try and change history. I dunno just spitballing.

    Also Sean Bean should have a cameo and live.


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