Saturday, 4 October 2014

Quickie: Gone Girl


  1. Question contains SPOILERS: Why was Amy planning to kill herself after Nick got caught? She plans in her calendar to kill herself and then imagines throwing herself into the Gulf of Mexico, roughly 6 months after her disappearance (then later she changes her mind). I loved the movie, but I still do not understand her original intention.

  2. If you promote your gaming channel you might want to choose a less spoilery part. Just saying since I am playing the same game and even though the whole situation had 'bad shit will happen' written all over it, it's still crappy to have it shoved in your face like this.

  3. D'Avid Murphy11 October 2014 at 04:23

    Well, there is nothing else for it.
    We need a category for "Best Texting in a Motion Picture" at the next Oscars,
    or the Academy will lose all credibility.

  4. In interviews Tyler Perry displays literally no knowledge of cinema at all, if you ask him which filmmakers influenced him he has no answer. I think he only makes movies because they reach a wider audience than his earlier stage work (where Madea originated).


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