Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Thoughts on Bad Lieutenant


  1. God damnit nikolas cage, well at least hes funny as hell to watch, and was really good in lord of war

  2. I thought The Cage version was awesome, but only through watching it as a comedy. If taken as a serious work of art, this film blows and I'm glad I didn't go in to this after watching the first BL.

    The newer version has a lot of humour that I loved as a kid and other humour I appreciate now that I'm older and understand film making. It's like the choices made weren't inhibited by trying to be a brilliant film so you get things that come so far out of left field you can't see them coming. That said there are plenty of points that don't work and aren't funny, but not enough for me to switch off or get bored. In a way, by having the weaker more predictable points in the film, the contrasting insanity has a chance to really shine.

    There is so much more than Nick Cage in this. If that's all you watch for then that's cool, but then you don't really get the comedy of the film as a whole. I don't mind or expect many people to like it for the reasons I do, it makes the film feel a little more for me that way. That said, Nick is a ton fun to watch, but he gets that chance because the dialogue and scenes are laid out perfectly for his brand of crazy.

    As Adam mentioned, a lot of the humour was probably unintentional, but when does that ever hurt a movie like this? There's just something about a movie that breaks your expectation repeatedly from a range of dimensions. It's refreshing at least.

    I am keen to check out the 'original' and will luckily go in knowing what to expect thanks to the ever brilliant YMS.

  3. Thomas Liebrecht20 July 2015 at 19:33

    Gonna watch both now, seems like they're both worth it. Too bad youtube is being youtube but whatever this video was still great. As usual

  4. Yeah adam, the weird accent change is when he's coming down off stims. Sometimes when you do a lot of uppers your jaw gets really sore and you sort of talk through your teeth to minimize the pain.


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